How it works


Log into fill in your details and save.

You can only only open one account on this platform, greed won't be tolerated.  But you can donate as many times as possible from your account. Its better to have 1000 serious account than 100000 unserious account.

How to donate

Log into your account with username and password.

Set up account details (account details can only be edited once, so make sure you fill in your correct details). When this is done, move over to the dashboard and click on the donate button. Enter an amount you will like to donate, once this is done, you will join a queue Once your donation is matched, paid and confirmed, you will be qualified to get the amount you paid with 100% interest from another participant(s) in 10 days strictly. Please if you cannot wait for 10 days to receive.

How to receive donation

10 days after your donation has been paid and confirmed. You will be matched to get your donation plus 100% interest (this community will not give you 200% or 300% interest, it is totally unrealistic, as it cannot stand the test of time).

About Referral Bonus

Participants will get referral bonuses for bringing other participants into the system. however, it is a one-time 10% referral bonus in order not to drain the system and it will be credited to your wallet, please contact admin. Consistent and active members will be rewarded.